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eocene press is how I self-publish and distribute poems whose format would be difficult for magazines or books to accommodate. The titles below are available for purchase – please email me at eocenepress[at]gmail[dot]com. Publications can also be purchased at readings.

wave equations: A3 poster poem available as a free PDF.

lore versus law: A6 booklet of 44 micropoems. £2.50.

prayerspray: A5 booklet of a 12 page concrete poem. £2.

address book: A6, 8 page booklet of 30 micropoems. 50p.

Foreshadowings: a set of 40 cards – 50mm x 90mm; 39 concrete poems plus title card. £4.

enough rope: the full text of my 30 page, concrete poem enough rope is available as a free PDF via the link below. chapbooks can also be purchased if desired (£4).

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