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poetry in print

My long poem gestetner is in For Robert: An Anthology.

My long prose poem the dulwich horror is in Purge 5: Badge of Shame.

10 poems from my sequence …to the end are in Bedford Square Anthology 10.

My sequence a latin mass is in Painted, spoken 26. in due course a PDF will appear on the magazine’s website.

My chapbook-length visual/narrative poem full spectrum apotheosis is published by Contraband Books.

My poem onslaught is in SCABS ARE RATS 1.

My pamphlet spider bite is published by Kater Murr’s Press. it comprises the poems spider bite and once bitten, and has gorgeous cover art by the poet and artist Alan Chong Lau.

My poem atomism is in TTHHEE RREESSTTRRUUCCTTUURREE, a zine compiled on thursday 14th june 2012 by Ladies of the Press at the launch party for Chris McCabe’s poetry book The Restructure (Salt, 2012). a PDF will appear on their website in due course.

the evitable clysm is in VLAK 3.

two poems – a dandelion clock and hop-pole – are in Herbarium, an anthology edited by James Wilkes and published by Capsule Press. the book compiles poems accompanying the Urban Physic Garden that Wayward Plants set up on union street in southwark, south london in summer 2011. Herbarium has a beautiful design by Lina Hakim, hand-printed covers created by the Henningham Family Press, and a CD insert for sound pieces and songs. Sold out, but you can read all the poems online.

Two poems – drawing in the dark and nothing to lose but our balance – are in Poetry Salzberg Review No. 19.