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poetry and updates from matt martin

poetry online

a sequence of conceptual art instructions, tatements, is available for download at the Material Witness website.

3 prose poems from my sequence outlawry: crimes to be performed within the ancient bounds of sherwood are online at Stride Magazine.

4 poems from my sequence …to the end are in issue 8 of the online zine ctrl+alt+del.

My hypertextual poem liquidity (a microcosm of an ongoing, long poem) is in issue 1 of the online journal Tentacular.

4 sections from my visual poem boustrophedon are in issue 9 of the online journal DATABLEED.

My review of Computer Dances by Jennifer Pike Cobbing is in vol. 8 of  Hix Eros.

My long poem gestetner is in For Robert: An Anthology.

11 sections of a prose poem sequence are at 3am Magazine.

A poster poem is in vol. 15 issue 1 of The Goose.

5 pantoums from the sequence overgrowth, plus the poems thatcher variations and the second person, are in issue 6 of ctrl+alt+del.

1 poem is at Red Ceilings.

2 poems are in issue 24 of streetcake magazine.

A sequence of 27 micropoems is at the ninerrors poetry series website.

2 poems are in Herbarium, an online anthology of plant poems edited by James Wilkes. This anthology was assembled to accompany the temporary Urban Physic Garden installed on Union Street (Southwark, south London) by the voluntary group Wayward Plants in summer 2011.

A poem is in Veer About (Veer Journal issue 3). a PDF of the magazine can be downloaded from the website Intercapillary Space.

4 poems are in issue 1 of blart, the latter three from an ongoing sequence of sound poems.


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